The Finnish Association for Palliative Care

The aim of the association is to develop the multi-professional care of people with an incurable disease as well as terminally ill patients.

The association is aimed for both health care personnel as well as trained volunteers who participate in treatment and care.
Palliative care is the active, multi-professional and holistic care of terminally ill and dying people when the illness is not responsive to curative treatment and the goal of treatment is not to prolong life at all costs. 

Our association

The aim of the association is to strengthen the status and appreciation of palliative care in social and health care as well as in society by increasing health care personnel and people’s knowledge of palliative care, its contents and purpose.

The association is politically and religiously uncommitted.  The officials of the association are working voluntarily alongside their own work. The association funds its operations by collecting an annual fee from its members. According to its rules the association is a non-profit association but it can in order to achieve its goals e.g. accept donations.